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     All of our bedbug treatments start with a thorough inspection of the entire home or place of business. Believe it or not 90% of home and businesses we treat the bedbugs aren't in the bed.  They're usually in a couch, chair, recliner and even electronics.  After doing the inspection and figuring out how long the bedbugs have been there the treatment starts.

     We start by heating the home or business to 160F to 190F and hold for 45 minutes.  118F at 20 minutes is enough to kill the adults. Once the heating is completed and has cooled we then spray everything including every crack and crevice with a mixture that will kill most serving bedbugs and make their eggs go sterile so they never hatch open giving the customer a 95% kill on the first treatment. We come back in two weeks at no charge and repeat the treatment. Once the 2nd treatment is completed the home or business then receives a 90 day warranty that begins the same day of the 2nd treatment.  In the event of a heavy infestation under the 90 day warranty we will allow up to 6 more treatments at no charge every 2 weeks until infestation is completely gone.

     Our average cost depends on the size of the home or business and how bad the infestation is.  Our base price for both heat and spray treatments combined with a 90 day warranty and up to 6 follow up treatments begins at $500.00. 


Bedbug treatments


Bedbug Treatments in Omaha