Pest Management

     We offer a variety of tretaments depending on your bugs and the severity of the problem. Some of the treatments we offer are one time, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and seasonal. 

     Our treatments are the complete perimeter of the inside of the structure using a crack and crevice tip which elimninates any splattering or chemical going where it shouldn't. The main product we use inside is orderless, nonstaining and pet and childern safe. We spray outside 3 feet up and 3 feet out along with applying a 6 foot granular barrier outside. The granulars are very small like a silica sand and are pet and human friendly. With using a granular barrier outside it's possible to maintain a barrier outside for up to 3 months since they dont break down as fast as the spray.

Mice and Rats:

  On our mice and rat tratements we use traps and bait to catch them within 24 hours. At the time of application we also apply a barrier outside that will last up to 6 months along with sealing up any entry points that mice and rats can enter. All mice and rat treatments come with a 3 month warranty.


     When we do ant treatments we always bait.  Once the ants eat the bait the colony is destroyed within 24 hours for good. It does no good to spray for ants, all you do is kill the ones you see not elimaniting the colony. If you spray with a repellant It is possible to push the ants all over the home.  In order to get rid of the ants you have to eliminate the colony.


      We do treat for spiders using a barrier inside and spray along with granulars outside. The main spray we use inside will make any spider eggs go sterile so they will never hatch open. One of the key areas we spray is in the furnace room up by the celing and around where any lines come in to the structure. If the basement has a drop celing we also treat above it as well, this is a key area since it is so undisturbed and warm from the lights. Spiders love rooms with celing fans they love the warm up draft.



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