We don't believe in using old bait methods that were around before the highly efficient Termidor came along which is 6 times faster than conventional bait.Don't monitor your problem treat it and take care of it.


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Swarming termites compaired to swarming ants


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     All of Elite termite treatments including termite pretreatments come complete with a full property owners lifetime warranty. The yearly cost to maintain this warranty is zero dollars.  We will never charge our customers a yearly fee for the warranty.  Every termite treatment that is done we back the warranty with optional free yearly inspections.  We treat both commercial and residential.

     We belive in using a less avasive treatment using TermidorHE.  Using TermidorHE the drill holes are wider, we dont have to dig out as much around the outside of the property, saving plant life and decorative landscaping,  In being less labor intensive the savings for us is passed on to our customers.

     In the last 13 years Termidor has proven to be the best chemical for the use of termite control. Out of 3,000 plus treatments we have had 3 properties that needed extra attention. In returning we treated the area that needed to be attended to with no extra cost to our customer and the problems were resolved, making our customers happy and in return, making us happy.

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Subterrain termites mud trails in a crawl space

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